Round Table Games' Grand Melee League









What is it?  

We have designed a program to reward those players who play at Round Table Games.  

Each league will run for one calendar month.


What does it cost?  

Participation fee is $5 per person for the entire day, to play unlimited games. 

You can play whenever you like against anyone else in the league.

Your play points count toward the monthly nobility leaderboards, which will grant more RTG gold at the end of each month

Prizes will be awarded by point standing at the end of each month.


What do you get?  

  • Everyone gets to have fun with friends, old and new, in a friendly, warm, and welcoming environment.

  • You get a stamp on your banner card working towards store credit (10 stamps gets you $55 in store credit!) 

  • Everyone who is registered for our free rewards program gets RTG gold based on where you place in each game, and 100 RTG gold for every $10 spent. Knights of the Inner Circle get 200 RTG gold for every $10 spent.  RTG gold can be used for free drinks/ snacks, product discounts and discounted event entry fees and free Magic singles (Knights get double value for card singles). You earn additional RTG gold based on where you place at the end of the month.

  • Everyone who is registered  for our free rewards program  earns Nobility leaderboard points.  Your ranking can earn you discounts on Game and Game-related products and discounted event entry fees.  Knights of the Inner Circle get a 10% point bonus.  You get points based on your finishing place (last get s 1, next place gets 2, then 3, etc.) , factored along with game weight and average game time.  If you play RPG's at Round Table Games your points count towards that leaderboard as well.

  • Knights of the Inner Circle can make 1 purchase per month at a 25% discount and get a free Grail card (worth 11 free snacks/ drinks)



This is how you gain access to our board game library going forward

Feel free to use our message boards/ Discord/ Facebook to coordinate matches.


Your Grand Melee Nobility

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