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How our Collectible Card Games Leader Boards work:

For tournaments you earn 1 point for every round in which you participate.

For tournaments and Joust Leagues you also earn points for winning or a bye, and fewer points for losing a match.  See each individual game for further details

Draft games are weighted x 1 1/4

Sealed games are weighted x 2

For multi-player games, you are awarded 1 point for a loss and 1 additional point for each higher place you have reached at a game's end (for example in a 3 person game the points would be 1, 2 and 3 for third, second, and first place, respectively.  Cooperative game points are shared among the winners, as are points when the game wins.

Weights for some events may be weighted heavier than others.  See individual events for these details.

Joust League games may be played at any time but results must be submitted immediately after each game with the names of the players, scores, factions/ teams (if applicable), date and start and end times.

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