Round Table Games Noble Levels, Gold and MVP Balances










June and July will use what you spent since March 1st to establish your Noble Level for that month

Levels re-set the first of every month (unless you are a Knight of the Inner Circle)

Knights of the Inner Circle treat their Noble Level as 1 higher

Knights of the Inner Circle use their previous month's level during the first week of each month (counts only for week 1 of event fees)

If you are a Knight of the Inner Circle AND Noble 5, whatever points you earned in excess needed to hit level 5 will be applied to the following month

*2 levels higher for 1 monthly league of their choice, table space, library access

**game fees paid the day of an event incur a $5 surcharge.

RTG gold can still be used for discounts on non-discounted products and for event fees

Leaderboard titles will be used for product discounts and bonuses in games

At times RTG may run special tournaments that temporarily increase certain ranks for that event

At times RTG may run special tournaments that are invitation-only for certain ranks and above

Rank will be used to determine priority in the case of limited quantity products

# table fees are not charged for 1 hour before and 1 hour after an event if you are participating in that event, and

## A Monthly League membership includes 1 hour table space per day for any week you are registered

### Noble level 5 (and Inner Circle Knights Noble level 4) can choose 1 league per week at 0 cost, otherwise cost is as if 1 step lower

#### times vary depending on the game rented