Batman has discovered a Dark Multiverse and unleashed evil versions of himself upon our world! The Justice League must band together to defeat Barbatos, The Batman Who Laughs, and their Dark Knights. One Super Hero won`t be enough to overcome these challenges. In this latest installment in the smash-hit DC Deck-Building Game series, you`ll need to save Batman and other captured Super Heroes and recruit them to your team to save the Multiverse! Cerberus Engine compatible game.

DC Comics DBG: 5 - Dark Nights Metal (stand alone or expansion)

$40.00 Regular Price
$36.00Sale Price
  • • 202 Game Cards
    o 36 Punch Starter Cards
    o 16 Vulnerability Starter Cards
    o 97 Main Deck Cards
    o 16 Breakthrough Cards
    o 7 DC Super-Villain Cards
    o 30 Weakness Cards
    • 11 Oversized DC Super Heroes
    • 1 The Batman Who Laughs Tile
    • 1 Rulebook

  • Based on hugely popular Dark Nights: Metal comic book series

    The Batman Who Laughs menaces players by Capturing Super Heroes

    20+ Metal cards with shiny foil treatment 

    Compatible with other games in DC Deck-Building Game series 

    Introduces ability to Recruit Super Heroes Super-Villains that offer instant rewards when defeated instead of being added to your deck

    Weakness cards that cause your Super Hero to be Captured if you play too many of them

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