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A game of railway building and delivery in an early-industrial fantasy world! Become a railway magnate in an anime-inspired fantasy world! Use mystical trains to cross a diverse landscape and gather exotic goods. Each contract you fulfill builds up your company, introducing new abilities and redefining how to play. Build the ultimate railway company and conquer the frontierwith magic! Empyreal: Spells & Steam plays 26 Players and is quick to set-up and play, and easy to store. At just 20 minutes per player, the game can be described as an `express` train game, but the huge variety of options and powers mean that each game will reveal new strategies, in classic Level 99 style. It`s also surprisingly confrontational and cutthroat, as the genre goes. Only the savviest and most creative industrialist will be able to lead the world of Indines into the modern era! Made in China.

Empyreal - Spells and Steam

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  • Players     2-6

    Ages     12+

    Play Time    20 min per Player

    Learning Curve  Moderate

    🚂 Choose one of 8 companies and 18 captains to lead your empire!
    🚂 Build your own engine with over 60 cars to traverse the landscape!
    🚂 Hire over 40 Specialists to assist your operations!
    🚂 Plan deliveries to snipe goods from your rivals!
    🚂 A premium game with top-notch components!
    🚂 Deep Gateway Game—Designed for new players and veterans alike!

  • 6 Company Folios
    6 Terrain Boards
    210 Train Car Minis (35 each in 6 different colors)
    67 Spellcar Tiles
    51 Specialist Tiles
    20 Wasteland Tiles
    210 Goods Tokens (35 each in 6 different colors)
    30 Demand Tiles (5 each in 6 different colors)
    10 Award Tiles
    12 City Stands
    6 Conductor Pawns (1 each in 6 different colors)
    60 Mana Crystals
    1 Start Player Token

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