Please be aware that the benefits of being a member of the KNights of the Inner Circle may change from month to month

Current benefits



  • For every $10 spent in a transaction, once you are a Knight of the Inner Circle, you will receive 200 Round Table Gold instead of 100  If you sign up for next month before the end of the current month this applies to your Knights Inner Circle Membership fee as well.

  • 1 Free Grail Card OR a 15% discount on a single purchase

  • +5 or +10% Nobility leaderboard points per game played (dependent on the game)

  • Table reservations (given enough notice and pending scheduled events)

  • Subscription Service: provide a list of up to 5 different games and we will automatically order each new expansion that comes in for you, at a discount.  You will receive an email notification when the order is placed and the option to opt out of any specific item.  You must opt out within 3 days of notification).  The item will need to be paid for within 7 days of notification of its arrival.---additional games can be added for $5 per game.

  • Treated as 1 level higher on Nobility Rank (2 levels for purposes of 1 monthly league, table space and libraray access)

  • FOR RPG's

  • 1 free re-roll per RPG session

  • +10% earned XP per RPG session (to a minimum of 1/20th needed from beginning of current level to next level)

  • Maintain your leaderboard position(s) going into a new month (as long as you renew your KIC membership before the end of the month)

  • Access to optional rules for various RPG's (Unearthed Arcana for 5E; Unearthed Arcana and Dragon Magazine for AD&D; Gongfarmer Gazette for DCC; Pixie Fairies and alt. class guidebooks for Hackmaster; in-game documentation for classes and races for D&D 3.5) - if you fail to maintain your KIC membership a character that has employed any of these benefits must be replaced.

  • Sign-up Service: You can reserve an entire month instead of just the next RPG session

  • Membership acts as first tiebreaker in RPG MVP votes


  • Free bulk rares and uncommons less than $1


  • Free bulk rares and uncommons less than $1


Knight of the Inner Circle 1-month membership


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