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Kaldheim is both a plane (self contained world in the MTG universe) and the name of the first Magic expansion in 2021.

Kaldheim is a Nordic themed world. So you can expect Magic’s take on Norse mythology, vikings and other similar tropes.

We first heard about Kaldheim back in 2009. It was featured on a Plane card (from the Planechase set).

The Kaldheim Set booster box contains 30 booster packs. 

A Set Booster Box is perfect for anyone who loves cracking open some booster packs. 

Each pack contains 12 cards including:

  • 1 Art Card
  • 1 Land
  • 6 Thematically connected Commons and Uncommons
  • 1 Special Common/Uncommon
  • 2 "Wildcards" of any rarity 
  • 1 Rare or Mythic
  • 1 Foil
  • 1 token or ad card with a 25% chance of replacement with a reprint from the "list"

Comes with 30 set booster packs, a buy-a-box promo and a foil promo pack (while supplies last)

Magic the Gathering CCG: Kaldheim Set Booster Display

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  • 2/5/21

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