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Bring your adventure to life with WizKids 4D Settings: Stone Bridge. These scenes offer more than just pre-painted miniatures for you, they offer exciting new play experiences and storytelling narratives. The Stone Bridge comes with a three-piece bridge, risers, two figures, and over 30 pieces of accessories that will allow you to configure your bridge to fit your needs. What adventures await your campaign? A deadly encounter with a troll? An escape from a pursuing rival army? Or possibly just another landmark along the way to the next destination. Set contains: 2x Stone Bridge Ends, 1x Stone Bridge Middle, 4x Stone Bridge End Pillars, 6x Stone Bridge End Pillar Caps, 4x Broken Chain, 2x Chain Gate, 2x Bridge Rubble, 1x Toll Bridge Sign, 2x Posts with Friction Fit, 2x Road Signs, 1x Troll Sign, 4x Wooden Blockades, 2x Heads on Spikes, 4x Spike Terrain, 2x Guard Hut, 1x Bridge Riser - Stone, 2x Bridge Riser - Stone, 2x Bridge Riser - Dirt, 1x Male Guard, 1x Female Guard

WizKids 4D Settings: Stone Bridge

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