Round Table Games Nobility FAQ

We have several ways we try to reward our loyal customers.  RTG Nobility (expanded) is one of them. This program is designed to reward participation in store events and games.


RTG Nobility

Q. How do I sign up?

A. Just be a member of your free rewards program 

  • Each time you come into Round Table Games to participate in ANY game you earn 1 point

  • If you play any Joust League games the same day as you are here for another event, you will receve an additional point. 

  • Each RPG session earns you 3 points

  • Each RPG MVP award is worth 1 point

  • Each unique joust league opponent your face in a calendar day earms you 1 point

  • You earn points based on where you place in a tournament (last place gets 1, next gets 2, etc.)

  • Some events grant bonus points (Hackmaster 4E & 5E RPG games, Dungeon Crawl Classics games, prereleases, special tournaments)

Q. What do I get?

A. The player with the most points earned wins the title of Duke for the entire following month

  • The Duke gets a 10% store-wide discount on non-discounted and non-restricted products

Q. What if I already get a discount by being one of the top 2 players in a specific game?

A. Your exceptional performance will allow the discounts for that specific game to filter down 1 extra level

10% off all products for the month* 

Alexis Byrnes, KIC


 *Discounts may replace but are not added to already discounted products

Round Table Games Former Nobility
September 2022 Duke Alexis Byrnes, KIC
August 2022  Duke Alexis Byrnes, KIC & Count Kristoffer Keane, KIC
July 2022 2022 
Duke Alexis Byrnes, KIC & Count Kristoffer Keane, KIC
June 2022 Duke Nick Slowey, KIC & Count Will Newman
May 2022 Duke Denise Gilbert, KIC & Count Jane Blight