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Pokemon Quarterly League Cup Tournaments


Held on varying dates (see our calendar

$20 to participate (possibly modified based on your leaderboard standings)

Standard Decklists only (and deck lists are required)

Play best of 1 with 6 prize cards

Your wins and losses and earn Pokémon Nobility and Pokémon Knight Champion leaderboard points (see our Pokemon page ). 

Every player gets 1 Gym Card stamps (when your card has 10 stamps it’s worth 2 free Pokemon booster packs
The top player in each age group wins an Official Pokémon League Cup playmat
You get 1 pack per match win (not ties) to a minimum of 1 pack (even if you win 0 matches you still get a pack)
Every player gets an Official Pokémon League Cup promo card (while supplies last)


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