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Customer Loyalty and Rewards

Round Table Games is always reviewing its customer loyalty programs so please refer back here often

While we try to give back in as many ways as we can to support our customers and players, it's important to remember we are a business, with an overhead.  Like all small local business we need to make money to stay open.  So if you enjoy our, or any other shop's, play space, please remember to buy local.  That means product, too, not just snacks, events and hanging out.  It may cost more than on the internet, but you are helping the places where you play stay open.  Thank you for your support!

All reward programs require acceptance of our weekly email newsletter

Gift Certificates 

Available in any amount. 

Inquire at the counter.

Our Thanks to You

5% off  product every day

Crisis Responder

Essential Medical

First Responders: EMT, Fire, Police

Military: Army, Marine, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard

Senior & AARP 



Your Knights of the Inner Circle


Grail Card

Sign up for our Grail Card Program - Prepay for 10 Grail Snacks/Drinks. Don't worry about having cash on hand for your refreshments just hold up your Grail Card for table-side service. Never interrupt your game again. Best part: your 11th Grail Snack/Drink is free.






List subject to change with availability. Check with the staff for a complete list of Snacks/Drinks that qualify  ................................$12.50

^premium drinks/ snacks take 2 punches to purchase

Not all discounts are cumulative. Store Credit is for use on purchase of product only. It may not be used on Tournament Entry, Table Fess or services. Store Credit use can not exceed 50% of total pre-tax purchase. Rewards are not transferable. Program subject to change at owners discretion. Points and credit are not redeemable for cash.  Gift cards are not restricted by store credit limitations.

Store Credit
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