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RTG Rewards Card aka One RTG Card to Rule Them All (mostly) (formerly Round Table Games XP (formerly formerly Loyalty Points)) FAQ

We have several ways we try to reward our loyal customers.  The RTG Rewards Card is one of them.


Q. How do I sign up?

A. All we need is a name and email address.  We have tried various digital versions in the past but the cost and lack of customizability has led us to managing our current system.


Q. How does this system work?

We are excited to announce our new (well, new as of Sept. 2022)  RTG Rewards program: The Round Table Games Reward Card aka One Card to Rule Them All (almost)

This new reward system replaces our previous RTG XP program. 

There are 10 spots on each card.

You must get your card stamped the day you earn any specific reward.


Q. What do I get?

A. Earning Stamps

  • Play in an event = 1 stamp*

  • Win an event = 1 full card

  • MVP in an RPG = 1 full card

  • Participating in special events = 1 stamp*

  • Each day of Joust League participation = 1 stamp*

  • Come in within 1 week of your birthday = 1 stamp*

  • For each $25 spent (less than $100) in a single purchase = 2 stamps* per $25

  • For each $100 spent in a single purchase = 10 stamps* (a full card)

  • Your final position in a Joust League at the end of the month will earn you a number of stamps based on number of other League participants.*

  • Signing up for an account = 1 full card

  • Referring another player that signs up for our free rewards and participates in an event or spends at least $25 = 1 full card* 


*Knights of the Inner Circle get double stamps


Q. What do I do with the cards?

A. Cashing in full cards

  • 1 card = 10% off a non-discounted item (a few select items are exempt)

  • 1 card = $1.25 off a snack (can use multiple cards)

  • 1 card = RPG re-roll (2 required for crit failure)

  • 1 card = 1 day's Joust League

  • 5 cards = DM re-roll (10 required for crit success)

  • 5 cards = 15% off an item (can override existing discounts <15%) (a few select items are exempt)

  • 5 cards = 10% off an entire purchase

  • 5 cards = $5 off an event fee

  • 5 cards = re-roll a failed re-roll


You may ask, why another change?  And you may ask yourself, "Well, how did I get here?".  Sorry, sorry, that last one is a Talking Heads lyric, please ignore it. 

We are constantly evaluating our Reward programs in an effort to reflect both a value to you, our RTG family, and an efficient process for us.

We always try and make sure no value is lost from iteration to iteration, and that will be true in this case, as well.  Your RTG XP (and RTG gold if you still have it) will be converted over to RTG cards and stamps on cards.

The driving force behind this latest change is simply the time it is taking to track our previous rewards system.  We were unhappy with the cost and implementation of the automated systems we tried, and have had a more convoluted card system in the past.

This latest change should answer our concerns. 


Until Chris experiments again <thunder crash>.

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