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  • Cheating is not tolerated

  • Fair Gameplay and good sportsmanship is essential to the way we play.  We will DQ someone for poor sportsmanship, whether it be from a tournament, reward event, program, or the store.

  • Respect all other players.  We are all here to have fun.

  • No amount or reward is a justification for not playing in a friendly manner

  • Please watch your language.  I'm not going to say you can't swear but shouting obscenities will quickly earn you a visit from an owner.  Assume there are others in the store that may not appreciate that language.

  • Absolutely no alcohol or drugs on the premises

  • Personal hygiene is important.  Be respectful of others' proximity to yourself.  This extends to clothing smell (wash that jacket!)

  • No conducting of business in the store, other than trades for like items.  Any currency transactions have to wait until our Last-Saturday-of-the-Month Used Game Adoption Event

  • No proxies unless approved by a judge

At Table Play

  • Defeat your opponent but help them play better by telling them how you did it.

  • Immediately contact a judge if there is any dispute or disagreement so that we may resolve it as close as possible to everyone's satisfaction.

  • We start as close to time as possible. It is not fair to everyone expecting a particular finish time to hold off play.  That being said, ask, and if we can we'll adjust.

  • Report your games! You can earn store credit, RTG Reward card stamps and monthly prizes! But we can't make you if you really don;t want to.

  • Have fun. No, seriously. If you are not, something is wrong. It might be you. It might be me. It might be us. But don't keep playing angry or unhappy. Talk to me and we'll see if it's something that can be worked out or if we need to take a break. It will be ok.

  • If you feel something is wrong, the responsibility of communication lies with you, as the perceived aggrieved party. The responsibility of mediation falls to the person running the game and the store owners. The responsibility of answer lies with the person or persons with whom the aggrieved party has an issue or issues. But this is how we open a dialogue. There are few social problems that cannot be worked out with an open mind and a discussion, as long as all parties are willing. If someone is not willing, that is a different issue and one best kept away from the game table.

  • If your definition of fun in any way means someone else will not have fun, you cannot have fun here.

  • Treat EVERYONE here with the same respect with which you would wish to be treated, NOT just the way you actually get treated.  Be the agent of change.  Be a leader of the group.  Be exemplary.  There is a surprising amount of room at the front of a group, multiple leaders are not a bad thing in this case.

  • If you think you are above or better than someone or something, odds are you are incorrect.

  • Please police your area and clean up after yourself, and others, if necessary.  Help us maintain a clean environment.

  • Even though you purchased it, earn the title of Knight at our tables.

  • You may discuss any of these rules with me.  I will listen to your opinion but cannot promise I will change the rule.

  • At our tables there are a few constant rules (more may be added
    1. Wheaton's Law
    2. Never cheat
    3. If someone makes a rules mistake (including me) please point it out. It's helping, not hurting. If you think otherwise please see rule #2.4. 

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