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Here are the various FAQ's for our programs.  Click on each line to see the details.

Joust Leagues (or how do I get in-store table space)

Knight of the Inner Circle

RTG Rewards Card aka One RTG Card To Rule Them All (mostly) (formerly RTG XP (formerly formerly called Loyalty Points)

AMA (sort of)

Q. Why should I buy at your store as opposed to anywhere else or online?

A. We are a (very) small business and depend on you to stay in business.  We provide a friendly, safe space to play, game supervision and rules reference, an extensive in-store library to try many games before you buy them, and knowledgeable information on most of the games we sell, as we also play them.  We also try to fully support the games that we love, with expansions and new releases. We have many incentive programs through which you can earn store credit, be registered in free drawings, and get other benefits by shopping and playing at Round Table Games.  Whatever level you can support us at, please believe that it is very much appreciated.

Q. Can you teach me how to play X game?

A. Absolutely! We love to show games to players and help them have fun.

Q. Can you carry X game?

A. If enough people are interested in it we will try and carry it.  Sometimes that means getting people in to play so we can see that there is a great enough interest for us to add it to our stock.

Q. I want to play but want to wait until more people are playing.  Can you let me know when that happens?

A. Unfortunately these situations are prone to fall through the cracks. Instead, start the group off!  Come in and play and get others to come in.  We have FB groups, message boards and a Discord server to arrange games.  And if you want to champion a specific game in the store and earn discounts and store credit, check out our Herald program.

Q. How do rules violations affect rewards programs?

A. It depends on the severity of the violation. A first offense will likely be no more than a discussion to make sure veryone is aware of the expectations we have.  Future violations may result in ban periods and permanent banning.  All occurrences, if found to be intentional, result in forfeiture of rewards for that current month.

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