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We have an extensive reward program for our Magic: The Gathering players.

  • RTG Reward Cards and stamps can be earned by playing in our events and buying our products.  These can be used for free drinks and snacks, discounts on products and even discounted entry fees for our events. Some events earn bonus points (prereleases, etc.)

  • Our Magic Shandalar League is our own, unique way of playing limited Magic.  Details can be found here.  Shandalar league counts towards the monthly Magic total and Joust League.

  • Our Magic Joust League allows you to get free table space to play any format you like against anyone else in the league, whenever you want to play.  Knights earn Loyalty points and enjoy a 10% point boost, the top 3 players earn store credit and sometimes additional promos and prizes, and each unique opponent you face in a day earns you an additional chance at our free month-end drawing.  You can always see if Chris is free for a Joust match (primarily ShandaLeague, Jump Start, Pioneer, Standard and Commander).  Spending $25 on Magic and/or Magic-related items gets you a free Magic Joust League membership for that current day, and buying a full booster box covers the current month.  Joust league weeks run calendrically starting the 1st day of each of each month).  If we have at least 4 players who have played 4 days a month, one player will be dubbed the Planeswalker Adept, and will receive a 10% discount on all Magic and Magic-related products for the following month.

  • Every Tuesday at 6pm we have our Commander  and Kitchen Table Night.  Everyone gets a pack, Knights earn Loyalty Points and you can complete achievements for free promo packs and booster packs.  This is a casual event for fun and not a tournament, but points count toward the monthly total and for Joust League.

  • Every Friday at 6pm we host FNM Draft, and Standard. For the first few weeks after set has been released we draft that set, but after that we change over to Chaos draft, where each player gets to choose whatever 3 draft packs they want (some draft packs, Modern Horizons 2, for example, add to the cost of the choosing player's event.)

  • All games played, whether tournament or league will count toward your monthly total.  The person with the most points at the end of the month will win a prize worth no less than $50.

  • Prereleases  earn extra points towards our rewards programs.  

  • If you are interested in a format that isn't represented please let us know.  As long as it doesn't interfere with an already established game, and there is enough interest, we would be happy to add it to our schedule.

Monthly ranking as determined by Joust League

Planeswalker Adept


10% off Magic products*

 *Discounts may replace but are not added to already discounted products

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