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How do I join in?

There are several ways to enjoy Magic: The Gathering at Round Table Games

  • RTG Reward Cards and stamps can be earned by playing in our events and buying our products.  These can be used for free drinks and snacks, discounts on products and even discounted entry fees for our events. Some events earn bonus points (prereleases, etc.)

  • You can play against any player in the Magic Joust League on any day of the week, but you get extra benefits on our Magic Joust League Mondays.  We do have a table fee

  • Every Tuesday at 6pm we have our Commander Night

  • Every Friday at 6pm we host FNM Draft

  • Prereleases  earn extra points towards our rewards programs.  

  • If you are interested in a format that isn't represented please let us know.  As long as it doesn't interfere with an already established game, and there is enough interest, we would be happy to add it to our schedule.

Magic Prizing

Prize Support Schedule

  • Constructed (Standard, Modern, Pioneer, etc.) $10 scheduled by demand

  • Set or Chaos Draft $25 every Friday at 6pm

For all above events:

pack per win (minimum of 1 - everybody gets something) and 2 reward card stamps and a promo card

Winner also gets a full RTG Reward card and a promo pack

1 random player gets a foil promo pack

  • Joust League $10/week, play any day, extra points for Monday League day play

Get a Promo pack whenever you play at least 1 League game on any Monday

Store credit at end of month to top 3 players plus other prizes when available

Prerelease price varies by set.

Everyone gets 2 prize packs plus promo cards and other swag when available

1st place gets an additional 3 packs

2nd place gets an additional 2 packs

3rd place gets an additional 1 packs

Next set
Assassin's Creed

Release Date for WPN stores (when we can sell it): 7/5/24

Legal in Standard Date: N/A

Next Standard set

Our Prerelease Event Date: 7/26/24 at 6pm and 7/27/24 at 12pm $35 prepay ($40 day of)

Release Date for WPN stores (when we can sell it): 7/26/24

Release Date: 8/2/24 for non-WPN stores

Legal in Standard Date: 7/26/24

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Magic Joust League.png
Magic Commander Night.png
Magic Drawing
Magic monthly
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