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Prize Support Schedule

  • Constructed every Sunday at 12pm: $10, cap 16 players 4 rounds

  • League Challenge last Sunday of every month at 12pm: $15 prepaid, cap 20 players, 5 rounds

  • League Cup quarterly Saturdays at 11am: $20 prepaid ($25 day of), cap 20 players, 5 rounds, cut to top 8

For all above events:

pack per win (minimum of 1 - everybody gets something) and 2 reward card stamps

(and Pokemon Play Points and Pokemon Play Pack for League Challenges and Cups)

Winner also gets a full RTG Reward card and a Pokemon Play Pack (and a Playmat for Legue Cups)

  • Joust League $10/week, play any day, extra points for Thursday League day play

Get a Pokemon Play pack whenever you play at least 1 League game on any Thursday

Store credit at end of month to top 3 players

  • Prerelease $30 prepaid ($35 day of) Cap 20 players, 3 rounds 

Everyone gets 1 new booster pack per round played and 2 reward card stamps

Next set
Scarlet & Violet Twilight Masquerade

Prerelease store Release Date (when we can sell it): 5/20

Release Date (when non-prerelease stores and online can sell it): 5/24

Legal in Standard Date: 6/7/24


Next League Cup Saturday 5/25 11am

Next League Challenge Sunday 5/26 12pm

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Pokemon Drawing
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