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There are many ways you can get table space at Round Table Games, other than attending store-run events

  • $10 per person allows you to play as long as you want ($5 if you are a Knight of the Inner Circle)

    • You also get access to our extensive game library

    • Record your game results and, as long as you are a member of our free rewards program, your results will qualify for prizes in our game leagues

  • OR make a $20 minimum purchase​

  • OR use 5 full RTG Reward cards

  • OR use a free week or month play card

Table space is free if you are teaching a game or learning a game (limit once per person learning per game): This is Round Table Games' Squire Pogram. Teaching games do not county towards Joust League points, but the teacher will receive a full RTG Reward card.  The game being tought must have a tournament or campaign structure to qualify for the free space (eg a CCG or miniatures game, etc.), and must be played at or supported by Round Table Games

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