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Round Table Games Knight of the Inner Circle FAQ

Our special membership VIP club at Round Table Games

Q. How much does it cost?

A. $25 a month or free with a single day’s purchase of $250 or more (we call this The Baron's Privilege). 


Q. What if I am already a Knight and I spend $250 or more on a subsequent day?

A. You will earn a free Knight of the Inner Circle membership for the next upcoming month. If you are also already a Knight for the upcoming month, you will receive an additional discount card worth 15% off an item during the current month (10% off if used during a later month)


Q. What do I get?


  • Knights of the Inner Circle get

    • Double RTG Reward Card stamps

    • A discount card that is worth 15% off one item for the month (if the month expires it can still be used for 10% off one item.)

    • $1.25 off 1 drink or snack per day when playing games in the store.

    • A $5 discount on table space fees

    • A 10% point bonus in Joust League points

    • An extra Joust League point for each league day attended

    • The ability to reserve table space and RPG seats for upcoming months

    • The option to subscribe to up to 5 different game systems and we will automatically order all new versions and expansions with a 10% discount

    • When we have limited quantity releases Knights will be notified 1 day before the general public and will have the ability to pre-order the items ( in the case of allocation fulfillment will be based on earliest pre-orders first, with full refunds going to anybody who was unable to receive product)

    • Access to limited promos

    • For Round Table Games RPG sessions:

      • Pre-paid sessions cost $10 instead of $15 ($15 the day of instead of $20)

      • 1 free re-roll  or GM re-roll per session

      • +10% earned XP

      • Ability to use approved optional rules (Unearthed Arcana, Dragon Magazine, Gong Farmer Gazette, etc.)

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