What does it cost? 

The only way to guarantee a seat is to pre-pay prior to the day of the event.  The event fee in this case is $10, but can be reduced by using points or as an option for Knights of the Inner Circle.  

 The event fee the day of is $5 higher than normal


You can reserve a seat no more than 1 week in advance, unless you are a Knight of the Inner Circle.  KIC members have the option of reserving up to the full month’s seats.  Payment can be made at the store or a credit card number can be called into us at 508-465-1671.  RTG will create the seat reservation(s) at the time of payment


Session seats are not transferable between games or dates,


 If you cancel your seat at least 24 hours prior to the day of the event, 1/2 of the table fee will added as credit to your store account. 

 If you cancel without at least 24 hours notice you forfeit the event fee. 

Ownership of a physical copy is not a requirement for your first session, but will be required to continue to play.  You must own a physical copy of any books whose content you are using.


What do you get? 

  • Everyone gets to have RPG fun with friends, old and new, in a friendly, warm, and welcoming environment.

  • Everyone gets 3+ hours of gaming entertainment/ education

  • Everyone who is a member of our Joust League earns points just for playing 

  • Knights of the Inner Circle are given a chip each session which is good for either 1 re-roll, forcing the DM to re-roll, or stabilizing at 0 hit points.

  • Knights also gain access to experimental options in Unearthed Arcana (each option still requires DM approval)

  • If you have purchased (or have on order) a rulebook from us for the game in question you get 1 free re-roll each session.

  • If you have a mini that represents your race and class you get +1 to any roll.  If it's painted get an additional +1.

  • You get a +1 chip for every $10 you spend. These can be spent at any time, as long as you do not increase a roll  beyond what the die could achieve, and it does not trigger "natural" rolled results.

  • At the end of every chapter, or adventure, and each time you gain a level you will earn a re-roll card

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