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Pokemon Gym Leader League


  • Play any day (our table space is free)

  • The initial buy-in is 4 packs of the current Pokémon set

  • After week 1 the cost is $5 per week to participate

  • Starting 9/24/18 you must pay in for each week AND have more than your starting areas to be eligible for the box.

  • Promo card swill be given out to everyone who has participated from 9/24 on.

  • Get a Quest card punch for each week you play

  • Record all the cards you get in your 4 starting packs

  • Choose an energy type to be your specialty.

  • Make a 30 card minimum deck using only the cards from your deck and any basic energy cards you want (we will supply these)

  • We will also give you a basic Pokémon associated with your energy type.  You always start with that Pokémon on your bench.

  • You get 1 friendly mulligan (if you have no basic Pokemon in your starting hand, reveal your hand, reshuffle and draw a new hand.  Your opponent does not draw an extra card for this first mulligan.

  • You will be given control of a certain number of hexes on our game map that match your energy type.

  • When you challenge someone you are playing for control of a hex of their color.  If you win you claim a hex from them, unless they only have their 3 starting hexes, in which case you will claim an uncontrolled hex of that color.

  • Winning a match earns you 2 Pokémon coins.

  • Losing a match earns you 1 Pokémon coin.

  • If you control more hexes of an energy type than any other player you are that energy type’s Gym Leader.
    A gym Leader gets to add that energy type’s Basic Pokémon to his bench whenever they are defending a hex of that energy type, in addition to their own energy type’s Basic Pokémon.

  • Play best of 1 with 4 prize cards

  • You can purchase a pack of any set we sell to add to your card pool after every 5 losses.

  • You can visit the Pokémon Shoppe (see Candi) and purchase single Pokémon cards to add to your pool, by spending your Pokémon coins (you do not spend actual $ for these purchases).  The Pokémon shoppe will include non-Standard cards and will replenish weekly so shop early to get the best choices.

  • If you do not play for 10 days you lose control of a territory that you have claimed (not a starting territory)

  • If you do not face at least 3 unique opponents in a week you will lose control of 1 non-starting hex per unique player not faced.

  • While you control more hexes in total than any other player you get $5 off an event if at least 8 non-staff players play and 10% off all Pokémon-related products 

  • Staff plays the part of "Team Rocket".  If there is nobody else available you can ask a staff member to play.  Staff can reconfigure their decks and choose a different Pokemon buddy every time they play.  There may be other conditions when playing the staff as the league progresses.

  • There may be game restrictions/ requirements added in as the league progresses

  • At the end of the league the player that controls the most hexes will win one free BOX of the new set coming out.

  • Your wins and losses earn Pokémon Nobility leaderboard points (see our Pokemon page ). 

  • A new league will start when the next set releases.

  • You get 10 Chivalry points for every $10 spent

  • You get an entry in our monthly Free Grail Card drawing any day you spend at least $50.


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