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Welcome to Round Table Games' Achtung Panzer! Page!

Achtung Panzer!

The Second World War saw the rise of armoured fighting vehicles, in particular the tank, from experimental designs based on unfounded theories to fully developed war machines capable of incredible destruction. Wherever nations clashed, tanks could be found, often having a pivotal impact on the outcome of battles and campaigns.

Achtung Panzer! puts YOU in command of a tank platoon and thrusts you into the heart of the action on the battlefields of World War Two. Take charge, and lead your armoured forces to glory!

We have lots of different ways to join in, and will run 1v1 campaigns (you can be in more than one campaign at at time - they will just be tracked separately), and multi-player missions should there be enough interest (Axis v Allies, of course!)

Campaigns count towards Joust Leagues

House Rules

  • Only have 1 command token near a tank card after commands have been placed.  This will reduce confusion about which command was meant to be given

  • Be as precise as possible with straight line measuring and movement, turning, and pivoting so that no unintended advantage can be claimed

  • Mark each player as the one whose turn it is to roll for elapsed time

  • Player chosen to roll for elapsed time will also be the first player to draw initiative tokens

Campaign Rules

  • A learn-to-play session can be requested for free.  Otherwise table fees apply 

  • You must own the necessary tanks & cards to represent your platoon.  The models can be from Achtung Panzer! or Bolt Action sets but must match the model they depict.  No 3-D printed tanks will be allowed.  If you do not own the models you may rent a platoon from Round Table Games for an extra charge.

  • If you do not have the correct Datacard you can print this file and fill it out.

  • Recommended platoon size is 3 to 4 tanks with a combined cost of no more than 75 points.  You can have a mix of crew calibre, but at campaign start at least half your tanks should have a low calibre crew.  Here is an article to this end.

  • Once you have made your choices you must complete a platoon roster sheet  YOU are your platoon commander.

  • The Campaign Umpire will determine if you are a Person of Influence.  If you are a Knight of the Inner Circle you get a re-roll  

  • The Campaign Umpire will determine how many quirks you are allowed.  You can then specify how many quirks (if any) are to be rolled).  All quirks must be assigned to a different crew member (only 1 quirk per tank) and the Platoon Commander may not have a quirk.

  • The Campaign Umpire will determine how many Asset stars each combatant has.

  • The Campaign Umpire will determine how many event cards each combatant can draw.

  • The Campaign Umpire will determine which mission is played.

  • As you play you must record EP's earned by each tank and take notes for damage.

  • You must make crew outcomes at the table since EP's can be spent to re-roll any result once.

  • Crew members to be replaced or reassigned must be communicated to the Campaign Umpire.

  • Crew advancements can be rolled or purchased.

  • Quirks can be removed by spending EP's.

  • Tanks can be replaced.

  • Tank upgrades can be purchased.

  • Campaigns will last 6 to 8 battles.

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