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Joust League FAQ

A fairly common question asked is, “What night do you play game x?”

For tournaments we have specific nights.

For all other games we have our Round Table Games Joust League.


Q. What games can I play?

A. Any game you like. We have terrain and mats available for use for most miniatures games. We also have an extensive game library if you don’t want to bring a game from home.  If we don’t have a specific Joust League already set up for a game it falls under the heading of our Grand Melee Joust.  As soon as we get at least 3 players interested it gets it’s own league.


Q. When can I play?

A. Any time you like. If you want to play on a particular table or in the back room we would need advance notice to make sure it is reserved for you.


Q. Who can I play against?

A. Anyone else in the same Joust League (Magic, Pokémon, Warhammer 40K, etc.)


Q. How do I arrange matches?

A. You can arrange them through whatever networking method works best for you, and also via our FB groups, message boards, and Discord server


Q. Does it cost to play?

A. Yes and this might seem a bit complex but we wanted to allow for as many options as possible.

  • 1 day table space = $5/ person OR FREE with a $25 purchase OR FREE if you are a Knight of the Inner Circle (Joust) OR FREE if you played in a weekly/ monthly tournament that day OR 1 full RTG Rewards Card

    • If you have paid $5 twice in one week you will automatically be upgraded to the weekly value​

  • 1 calendar week table space = $10/ person OR FREE with a $50 purchase OR FREE if you are a Knight of the Inner Circle (Joust)

    • If you have paid $25 in daily or weekly fees in the course of a month you will automatically be upgraded to the monthly value

  • 1 calendar month table space = $25/ person OR FREE with a $100 purchase OR FREE if you are a Knight of the Inner Circle (Joust) OR each Joust League has certain purchase or play requirements that eliminate the fee for you.

Q. What do I get for playing?

A. Again, lots of moving parts to this one

  • League points earned are based on the complexity of the game,  the average game time, and where you place in the game.  Some special events may grant Joust League points

  • As soon as at least 3 people have played a specific game it gets its own league

  • 1 entry in free drawing per unique joust league opponent faced each day

  • Access to our in-store game library (The Library of Alexandra)

  • Everyone gets RTG Reward Card stamps based on where they finish in a league

  • Every day you play in a Joust League you get an RTG Reward Card stamp

  • The top 3 players in each league get store credit based on how much league fees were taken in

  • if you enter a Joust league via product purchase or RTG Reward Card, $5 will be added to the prize pool the first time you record a game each month

  • The top player in any league that has at least 4 players that have played on at least 4 different days gets a 10% discount on products associated with that league for the following month.  .

  • Knights of the Inner Circle earn an extra stamp every day they play a Joust League game.

  • Some featured games may offer additional prizes or benefits for holding top score, etc.


Grand Melee Joust League

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