Round Table Games Free Drawings FAQ


We have several ways we try to reward our loyal customers.  RTG Free Monthly Drawings is one of them.


Q. How do I sign up?

A. You need to be a member of our Free Rewards Program.  All we need is a name and email address. 


Q. How do I enter?

A. There are a couple of ways you can earn entries. 

  • Each $100 spent during the month=  1 entry

  • Every Knight of the Inner Circle gets 1 entry

  • Each unique Joust League player you play against in a calendar week = 1 entry 

  • Winning an event or Joust League (or being voted MVP) = 1 entry

  • Attending some special events(Hackmaster 4E & 5E RPG games, Dungeon Crawl Classics games, prereleases, special tournaments) = 1 entry

  • Signing up for our free rewards program = 1 entry

  • Bring a new player to the store, to an event, or Joust League (they need to join the free reward program and spend at least $25) = 1 entry


Q. What do I get if my name is drawn?

ADepending on who wins and what games they have purchased/ played in, we will choose a free prize appropriate for that interest.  It could be a free box of cards, board game, miniatures game or RPG accessory. Prizes may vary from month to month.