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  • We use ascending AC and + to hit modifiers

  • We use secondary skills

  • We use weapon proficiencies

  • We allow multiple classes

  • We use detailed encumberance

  • We use Advanced Spell Book Rules

  • We use the Limits on Returning from Death rules

  • We use variable weapn damage rules

  • We allow attacking with two weapons, charging into combat, parrying, splash weapons, and subduing

  • We use the missile attacks on tagets in melee rules

  • We use morale rules

  • We use Town services and hiring retainers (CC 2)

  • we allow Expanded Adventuring gear, weapons and armour (CC 3)

  • Infravision is blocked by any light or heat source that includes the viewer

  • You are either in a room or not.  If you are not in the toom you may not act in the first round of combat/ negotiations/ search, etc.

  • Repeated attempts to see what I have rolled will necesitate I use a DM screen.  I do not like them, in general.

  • If you do not actively participate in an encounter, you get 0 XP from monsters & treasure for that encounter.  If you are outside the room when an encounter is concluded, you have not participated.

  • Re-roll 1's and 2's for HP gained when earning a level (or at character creation)

  • Sleeping in a common area requires you to roll a d6.  On a 1, snoring kept you awake and you do not gain the benefits of a full night's rest

  • Sharing a room requires you to roll 2d6.  On 2 1's, snoring kept you awake and you do not gain the benefits of a full night's rest

  • Sleeping outside requires a bedroll or you do not gain the benefit of a night's rest

  • If you get me any character info I request at least 2 days before the session you will get a bonus

  • If you do not get me your character info before the day of the session you will receive a penalty


AD&D 1E 

  • You must choose a race/ class combination

  • Strength modifies carrying capacity (PHB p.9)

  • Low Wisdom causes cleric spell failure chance (PHB p.11)

  • We will be using the AD&D 1E system shock charts (PHB p.12)

  • We will use the AD&D 1E Hit dice by class charts (PHB p.19)

  • We will use the AD&D 1E Fighters, paladins and rangers attacks per melee round table (PHB p.25)

  • 10' = 3" for minis (this allows for 3 fighters across in a 10' wide corridor) indoors, 30' = 3 " outdors

  • Considering variable damage vs different monster sizes (PHB p.37)

  • Considering Armor Class adjustments by weapon (PHB p.38)

  • Rate of Fire for ranged attacks (PHB p.38)

  • Spell casting times and components will be used

  • Movement while mapping is #' per turn.  Movement over known or mapped territory is x5 faster.  Movement while fleeing is x10 faster.

  • 1 turn = 10 minutes, 1 round = 1 minute, 1 segment = 6 seconds)

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