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  • Inspiration/ Hero Points/ in-game re-rolls, etc. can not be shared with other players. Re-rolls based on Reward cards and +1's based on chips may be used on any player.  "If it's squared it can be shared."

  • I assume everyone in the group is adventuring together.  Splitting the party just slows down the game, makes me do twice the work, and dramatically decreases your chance of survival.

  • Tactical discussion during combat should be kept to a minimum. If you are talking to another character, and the enemy understands you, they will also be able to hear what you are saying. You may say 1 word when it's not your initiative.  In some games this is ruled by having combat coordination abilities.

  • Know what you would like to do before it is your turn in the initiative order. You can always change your mind based on an altered game state, but have an idea, know how your spells work, etc.

  • In the event the party is at a standstill and decides to take a vote on a course of action, and that vote is tied, characters with the most played hours will be the deciding vote, followed by Knights of the Inner Circle, followed by players with the most played hours in the campaign.  Or the person in front decides.

  • All monetary treasure will be divided evenly as soon as it is possible.  You are responsible for recording only your treasure and maintaining encumbrance records, etc.  ONE person will maintain the group treasure list, it's weight, location, etc.   For other treasure, if it cannot be decided UNANIMOUSLY who will get an item, it will go to the person with the fewest items that wants it.  In case that's a tie, roll off, high D20 gets it. In the case of a tie, Knights will win, second tie break will be character longevity in the campaign. Third will be player longevity in the campaign.  In the case of potions or potentially trapped items, the person receiving the item is the one to take the risk.  Deferring trying a potion, for example, means another person has the chance to test and claim it.

  • If the party has agreed to negotiate with intelligent creatures, and you, for whatever reason, decide to attack said creatures, those creatures will single you out in combat and attempt to neutralize you and then speak with the more level-headed individuals.

  • You have to bring a physical copy (or purchase one) for any resource you want to use (for example if all of your character options are from the free rules you are good, PHB requires a PHB, Volo’s race requires Volo’s Guide, etc.) There are no pdf versions of these products allowed for in-store use. If you wish to just use the basic rules for character creation they can be found here for free . If there is an exception to this rule it will be noted in the campaign (for example, AD&D 1st. ed.)

  • No electronic dice rollers

  • No Homemade (or Etsy) dice, or oddball number generators.  Standard polyhedrals only, please.

  • Player dice rolls have to be in the open. DM dice rolls will most often be in the open, unless they might give away hidden information. If you have a dice tower (space allowing) turn it so that the dice roll away from you.

  • Call out the number you rolled on your die, then do your adds

  • Please never fudge a die roll, or a spell slot, or anything else. I don't. Intentionally not tracking things accurately or mis-reporting dice rolls will get you banned from all my games. 

  • I have disallowed evil characters going forward. I have given this much thought and it affects me on a personal level. I believe people to be wonderful creatures, capable of great good, great evil, nothing at all and everything in between. In a real world populated by no shortage of small, petty individuals who think only of their own goals and desires, why would I voluntarily want to spend hours at a time surrounded by imaginary creatures of the same ilk?
    Bring me heroes and help me tell the tales that we would be proud to share around a campfire, after all the other lights have gone dar

    At Table Play

  • The DM/GM will be rewarded with a Doom chip any time of of the following occurs (a Doom chip is a GM re-roll)

    • a rule is misused ​(know how your character works.  I will answer all questions but before play is the best time to ask those questions)

    • a player uses out of game information (metagaming)

    • The party disrupts to the point of not cooperating

    • The DM is interrupted

    • other events at the DM's discretion

  • A die roll may never be modified past it's maximum number.

  • Try to keep cell phones,tablets and laptops away from the table. Sorry but they are just way too distracting. Running a D&D character is relatively straight forward and anything you need should be on your character sheet or in your rule book(s). If you need to take a call or handle something personal, please step away from the table. We will never begrudge you needing to handle real life and you can jump back in as soon as you are through. If you ignore this rule your character may be targeted by unfortunateness.

  • Please try and keep non-game banter down to a whispered minimum during game play. Sounds harsh but 3 different conversations going on at once will mean someone is going to miss something. The DM is not obligated to repeat information that you should have been listening to. 

  • Try and focus on the game at hand. If you need to multi-task it might have been better to miss a session.

  • I will only call your name once for initiative. If you don't hear me or let me know what you are doing, your character will do nothing/ dodge for that turn.

  • If the DM is talking, please be listening. He may not repeat what was said.

  • If you miss more than half the rounds of an encounter (by physically not being at the table) you will only get 1/2 the XP and treasure for the encounter, and give up any right to claim magic items unless the party decides you are the best recipient.

  • Let everyone play their character the way they want.

  • Try not to mix player and character knowledge. It's more fun that way! This includes looking up monster information and changing characters specifically based on what you have encountered.

  • Real life happens, but please do not register a ticket unless you are sure you can attend. We have more players than seats. If something completely unforeseen comes up, please let us know ASAP so we can offer the seat to someone else. If you miss multiple sessions you may have to pre-pay for your sessions (as pre-pays are for limited seat reservations they are not refundable.)

  • We start as close to time as possible. If you cannot be here before the starting time, I will work you in as quickly as possible, but until that point your character may or may not be part of the current encounter

  • Have fun. No, seriously. If you are not, something is wrong. It might be you. It might be me. It might be us. But don't keep playing angry or unhappy. Talk to me and we'll see if it's something that can be worked out or if we need to take a break. It will be ok.

  • If you feel something is wrong, the responsibility of communication lies with you, as the perceived aggrieved party. The responsibility of mediation falls to the person running the game and the store owners. The responsibility of answer lies with the person or persons with whom the aggrieved party has an issue or issues. But this is how we open a dialogue. There are few social problems that cannot be worked out with an open mind and a discussion, as long as all parties are willing. If someone is not willing, that is a different issue and one best kept away from the game table.

  • If your definition of fun in any way means someone else will not have fun, you cannot have fun here.

  • Treat EVERYONE here with the same respect with which you would wish to be treated, NOT just the way you actually get treated.  Be the agent of change.  Be a leader of the group.  Be exemplary.  There is a surprising amount of room at the front of a group, multiple leaders are not a bad thing in this case.

  • If you think you are above or better than someone or something, odds are you are incorrect.  If those thoughts occur at my table, the odds rocket up to 100%.  If you act on those thoughts at my table, it will not be a problem for long and I will wish you luck and happiness playing somewhere else.

  • Please keep CAREFUL track of all of your character details, including hp's, spells, encumbrance, gear carried/ expended, treasure totals, etc. If you fail a GM audit you may get an XP penalty for the session.

  • I need to be able to trust that everyone is tracking these things carefully to try and speed up the games. If I have to track it for 1 person, i have to track it for everyone. There is less of me (not based on weight) than players, so it helps if everyone else can pitch in on this one.

  • As of now, no PVP actions in RPG's I run, unless you have a clear and valid reason (ask me if you are insure).  This includes, but is not limited to, attacks, harmful spells and theft.  Consent must be asked for and given by all involved parties.

  • If you want to see if you can take on another class or have beef with a player, re-create your characters and take it into D&D Fight Club.  Otherwise, work together and beat up my monsters.

  • Even though you purchased it, earn the title of Knight at our tables.

  • You may discuss any of these rules with me.  I will listen to your opinion but cannot promise I will change the rule.

  • At my table there are a few constant rules (more may be added
    1. Wheaton's Law
    2. Never cheat
    3. If someone makes a rules mistake (including me) please point it out. It's helping, not hurting. If you think otherwise please see rule #2.4. 4. Having fun with real people, acting heroic, moving the story along, having adventures - all of these things trump any individual's personal story goals. I never accept "That's what my character would do" as an excuse for violating 

       5.  I do not allow the rule of cool to override game rules or auto "win" situations​.  I am more of an adjudicator than storyteller.

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