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We can teach you how to play!

We have an extensive reward program for our BattleTech players.

  • RTG Reward Card Stamps can be earned by playing in our events and buying our products.  These can be used for free drinks and snacks, discounts on products and even free entry fees in our events. Some events earn bonus points (prereleases, etc.)

  • The Battletech Champion (title earned based on Joust League standings, recalculated every day and re-set at the end of every 2 months) earns a 10% discount off our Battletech products and $5 off Battletech events for the entire following 2-month period.

  • Battletech Joust League allows you to access table space and terrain to play any format you like against anyone else in the league, whether Alpha Strike, Classic, Campaign, one-ff, etc., whenever you want to play.  Knights earn double RTG Reward stamps and cards and enjoy a 10% point boost, the top 3 players earn store credit and sometimes additional promos and prizes, and each unique opponent you face in a week earns you an additional points.  You can always see if Chris is free for a Joust match.  

  • You can play Joust League games on any day against anyone else in the league. Joust League games are weighted x 1

  • Our current Battletech day is Monday from 11am to 9pm.

  • If we get enough interest we will start running campaigns and possibly tournaments.

Bullet Point version

  • How much does it cost to play?

    • 1 day Joust League

      • $10 (and you get $10 store credit) OR

      • FREE with a $20 product purchase OR

      • FREE with 5 RTG Reward Cards OR

      • FREE for a Knight of the Inner Circle OR

      • FREE if you use a 1-week or 1-month table space reward card

      • FREE IF you arrange a learning day with Chris AND you get 10% off any Battletech products you buy that day (Limit 1 learning day per person)

  • What do I need to play?

    • Official Battletech minis and rule books.  No proxies are allowed

  • When can I play?

    • Any day of the week for Joust matches

    • Mondays from 11am to 9pm are Battletech Joust Days

  • Who can I play against?

    • Any day of the week

      • Any player in the Joust League (arrange matches privately or over our Discord, FB and message boards)​

      • Ask Chris and if he is free he'll play

    • Monday Joust​​

      • Any player in the League​

  • What do I get for playing (beside fun)?

    • Joust League games​

      • Joust League points based on where you place in a multiplayer match

        • This is a x1 weighted match​

        • Knights get a 10% point bonus

        • You get 1 point for playing, 1 point for winning, 1 point per opponent faced in a day, and 1 point if you play on a league day.

      • 1 RTG Reward Card Stamp (the winner gets an additional stamp ) (Knights earn double stamps)

      • The top 3 players at the end of the 2-month period split the prize pool (based on participation) in the form of store credit: 50%/30%/20%

      • If we have at least 4 active players the top player becomes the Battletech Champion, as long as they played at least 8 games

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