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Click Image below for Joust League

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How do I join?

There are several ways to enjoy Disney Lorcana at Round Table Games.

You can play against any player in the Joust League (click for details) on any day of the week, but you get extra benefits on our weekly Joust League Day.  We do have a table fee (click for details)


Prize Support Schedule

  • Joust League $10/week, play any day, extra points for Wednesday League day play

Store credit at end of month to top 3 players and promo items for all players

  • We can schedule tournaments at any time you like, including specialty events like Pauper, etc.

Next Big Event
Ursula's Return Championship

Saturday, July 13 at 12pm

Next Set
Shimmering Skies

Release Date (when we can sell the set): 8/9

Release Date (when non-game stores and online can sell it): 8/23

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