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Sealed - Draft - Win-a-Box

How do I join?

Once every quarter we will also be running a sealed tournament, a draft tournament, and a win-a-box tournament 


What is it?

Disney Lorcana Tournament.s

Best-of-three games with a 50 minute match timer

Official rules page


When is it?

Saturdays, once per quarter (Sealed in January, April, July, October; Draft in February, May, August, November, Win-a-box in March, June, September, December)


Where is it?

Round Table Games 128 Main St., Ste. A Carver, MA 02330


What does it cost?

$50 for sealed.  $30 for draft.  $50 for win-a-box (and at least 8 players must be registered for the win-a-box)

You may preregister at 508-465-1671 or at the store to guarantee a seat


What do you get?

Everyone gets to have Lorcana fun with friends, old and new, in a friendly, warm, and welcoming environment.

Everyone gets 6 sealed Lorcana packs to build their sealed decks, or 3 sealed packs to draft.

Everyone gets 1 Lorcana pack as a prize plus 1 RTG Reward card stamp
Top 3 get store credit based on # of players
Winner also gets a full RTG Reward card

Knights of the Inner Circle earn double stamps & Reward cards. (See here)


Are there any restrictions?

This event is capped at a certain number of players.

If you are ill please do not come in and play.

Please do not bring sodas and snacks into the store as we sell a wide array of them.

Prize Support Schedule

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