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We are looking for Heralds; players who will champion the games they love.

Choose a game (or games) that you wish to champion.  For organizing events and keeping the community interested and engaged we will reward you with RTG XP and discounts for your game(s) of choice.  If promotional materials or limited items are available these will be considered as well.

  • There will be some minimum expectations to be met.  What these are in the current climate and post may change, and will be specific to the game(s) in question

  • Once appointed Herald of a game, the title is yours to lose.  Fail to meet the expectations and someone else may claim the title.

  • Heralds maintain their title on a month-to-month basis.  Each game (or type of game as the case may be) will have only one Herald.

  • The rewards available to a Herald will depend on the game(s) in question and may be increased, should effort warrant it.

  • Heralds are neither employees nor volunteers of Round Table Games.  

Your Game Heralds

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