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What is it ? 

Magic: The Gathering Shandalar League.

We have always loved the old Microprose PC game Shandalar, and have been fascinated by trying to recreate the feel in paper Magic. Our latest attempt has you starting with a single pack of Jumpstart. That determines your Wizard’s Magic color. Play to earn coins to upgrade your decks. You can add cards to your decks base on their real-world value. There will be some other restrictions based on color and rarity. This league will give overall points, joust league points, drawing entries, and earn promo cards, not to mention an additional prize at the end of the month. Just like Joust League you can play any day but Saturday is Shandaleague day and is worth extra points. You can challenge Chris & Candi to games as well!. This league will re-set each the day before each prerelease weekend. There is one single league fee that covers all your plays for each month and the starting pack. We are hoping this will be a fun deck-building/ play experience available to all levels of Magic players without the pressure of a tournament or having to chase sets.


When is it? 

You can play any time you like against anyone else in the league but games played on League Day (Saturday) earn extra points.


Where is it? 

 Round Table Games 128 Main St., Ste. A Carver, MA 02330


What does it cost? 

$10.  This gets you a Jumpstart pack and covers your Shandalar league and table fees for the first month. Each subsequent month is $5 unless you have purchased a full box that month, in which case it is free.   


How does it work?

  • You get 1 Jumpstart pack.  This pack becomes your starting deck and determines your wizard color.  If the pack features more than 1 color, or no color, choose a color.

  • You must register your deck

  • You may play against anyone else in the league, on any day.

  • Every day you play you earn 5 coins.  You earn 1 coin for each game you play and 1 coin for each game you win.

    • After every day you play, you may visit the bazaar.

    • At the bazaar you may add cards to your deck. 

      • These have to be cards you physically own (no proxies).

      • The coin cost of adding a card is equal to it's listed median price on Use the lowest priced version of the card (rather than foil, limited set, etc.)

        • For every color spot away from your own starting color, the card purchased costs an additional coin.​

        • You must add a basic card before you can add an uncommon card.  You must add a basic and uncommon card before you can add a rare card.  You must add a basic, uncommon, and rare card before you can add a mythic rare card.

        • Each time you go to the bazaar you may sell cards for half their value (rounded down) as long as the card was in your deck for at least 1 game day. 

        • You may also sideboard cards from your deck following the same restriction. Sideboarded cards may be added back in at no cost after any game day.

        • You must maintain a 20-card minimum (no maximum size) deck.

        • All transactions and deck changes must be reported to the league manager.

    • You earn 1 league point per game played, and 1 point per game won.  You earn 1 point per every unique opponent after the first you face in a day.

    • If you Challenge a Wandering Monster (Alex, Candi, Chris, or Zach) and they have time, they will face you with 2 random Jumpstart decks together.  All rewards for these matches are doubled.

  • Playing earns Joust League and overall Magic points and earns entires in our monthly drawing.

What do you get?  

Everyone gets to have Magic fun with friends, old and new, in a friendly, warm, and welcoming environment.


Everyone gets 1 Jumpstart pack included in the league cost. 

You earn Magic Leader board points, Joust League points and free drawing entries just for playing.  These are earned each month.

The winner will recieve a prize at the end of the league worth no less than $50; most likley a full box.  You must have played a total number of days equal to the number of weeks in the league to claim the final prize.


Knights of the Inner Circle earn RTG Reward card stamps just for playing. (See here)

Round Table Games’ Magic website

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