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Mordheim Basic Joust League

You can play any day you like but Saturday is Mordheim Joust League Day and you earn extra points when you play on Saturdays

League Rules

  • Any minis must be 25-28mm scale and must clearly represent your model.  There is no hidden information for models

  • We will be using the Living Rulebook version of the rules

  • You can play a unique warband only once per week for league points (specific to this exact league)

  • You may run as many warbands as you like, but each will earn league points individually

  • You have 500 gold crowns to recruit and equip your starting warband

  • Optional rules allowed

    • Rules: New Critical Hit Charts (core)​

    • Rules: Escaping from Combat (core)

    • Possessed: Rewards of the Shadowlord (core)

    • Rules: Mounted Warriors (core)

    • Gear: Blackpowder Weapons (core)

    • Gear: Opulent Goods (TC #2)

    • Optional Rule: Random Happenings (TC #3 if agreed  on by all combatants, rolled at the start of each players turn) - earns an extra league point for all participating players

    • Chaos on the Streets (TC #5 - multiplayer rules)

    • Gear & Skills: Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe (TC #7)

    • Rules: Sewer Rats (sewer fighting tules) (TC #7)

    • Optional Rule: Let the Damned Burn! (TC #8 if agreed  on by all combatants) - earns an extra league point for all participating players

    • Rules: Sawbones (TC #8)

    • Rules: In the Mouth of Madness (TC #8)

  • Optional Scenarios

      Scenario: Kidnapped (TC #6 - requires 1 warband to be Possessed)

    • Scenario: Scourge and Purge (TC #7 - requires 1 warband to be Witch Hunters)

    • Scenario: The Forbidden Square (TC #8 - requires an even number of warbands)

    • Scenario: Stake-Out (TC #8 - requires an even number of warbands)

    • Scenario: The Script of Sigmar (TC #9)

    • Scenario: The Lair of the Snake (requires 4 warbands) (TC #9)

    • Scenario: That's All Mine! (TC #10 - one warband must be Skaven, Chaos or Possessed)

Engagement Rules

  • The challenging player chooses the scenario (unless both players agree to decide a scenario randomly).  If random, the player with the lowest warband rating rolls on scenario table p. 85 (9) of Campaign rules.  That player also chooses whether to be the attacker or defender.

  • Roll for warriors with old battle wounds

  • Set up terrain and warbands as per the scenario to be played.  The more buildings, the better

  • Warbands play through the scenario

  • Determine extent of injuroes for each warrior who is out of action at the end of the scenario

  • XP is earned and calculated

  • Wyrdstone is collected

  • Sell wyrdstone

  • Check available veterans

  • Make rarity rolls and buy rare items

  • Look for Dramatis Personae.  Only core Personae are allowed for this campaign with exceptions listed below

    • Imperial Assassin (TC #6)​

    • Tilean Marksman (TC #6)

    • Wolf Priests (TC #8)

  • Hire new recruits and buy common items

  • Reallocate equipment

  • Update warband ratings

Earning League Points

  • Play a League game = 1 point

  • Play on League Day (Friday) = 1 point

  • Warband Rating = League points

  • Teach someone new to play Mordheim = 1 point

  • Have a completely based and painted Warband force = 1 point (can only be earned once per unique warband per 8 week league)

  • Knights of the Inner Circle earn 1 league point each 8-week league

Chris' notes for future campaigns

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