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What is it ? 

League Challenge events are held once per month on the last Sunday of the month. These tournaments use the Standard format and consist of only Swiss rounds, best of 1, no single-elimination.  There is no top cut. These are friendly tournaments; teaching the game; camaraderie and having fun are just as important as the competition.  


When is it? 

Every last Sunday of each month at 12pm

What does it cost? 

$15.  You can use 5 full RTG reward cards to reduce the cost by $5

Buy your tickets here


What do you get? 

  • Everyone gets to have Pokemon fun with friends, old and new, in a friendly, warm, and welcoming environment.

  • Everyone gets at least 2 Pokemon boosters

  • Everyone gets an Official Pokemon League Promo.  

  • Everyone gets a stamp on their reward card.  The tournament winner gets an full RTG reward card.  Knights of the Inner Circle get an additional stamp each month.  Monthly Joust League winners also get an additional stamp.

  • Everyone who is registered with Pokemon gets Pokemon Play! points

Round Table Games’ Pokémon website

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