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Pokemon Weekly Trainer League Tournament


What is it ? 

This is a weekly Standard Tournament. Bring your deck and test your Poké-master Skills!  Try to win but we play for fun.

When is it? 

Standard is every Sunday at 12pm (except those weeks when we have League Challenges or Prerelease events)


What does it cost? 

$10.  You can use 5 full RTG reward cards to reduce the cost by $5

Buy your tickets here


What do you get? 

  • Everyone gets to have Pokemon fun with friends, old and new, in a friendly, warm, and welcoming environment.

  • Everyone gets 1 Pokemon booster

  • Everyone gets an Official Pokemon League Promo.  

  • Everyone gets a stamp on their reward card.  The tournament winner gets an full RTG reward card.  Knights of the Inner Circle get an additional stamp each month.  Monthly Joust League winners also get an additional stamp.

  • The top 3 finishers get store credit according to how many players attended.

Round Table Games’ Pokémon website


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