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Pokemon Weekly Trainer League Tournament


What is it ? 

This is a weekly Standard Tournament. Bring your deck and test your Poké-master Skills!  Try to win but we play for fun.

When is it? 

Standard is every Sunday at 11am (except those weeks when we have League Challenges or League Cups)


What does it cost? 

$5 if you are a member of our Pokemon Joust League, a Knight of the Inner Circle, or buy at least 1 Pokemon booster pack.  Otherwise the fee is $7.  If you are the Pokemon Duke or spend 2500 RTG gold, reduce the fee by $5.

What do you get? 

  • Everyone gets to have Pokemon fun with friends, old and new, in a friendly, warm, and welcoming environment.

  • Everyone gets at least 1 Pokemon booster

  • Everyone gets an Official Pokemon League Promo

  • Everyone gets a stamp on their Badge card.  The tournament winner gets an additional stamp, as long as there were at least 8 players.  10 stamps gets you 2 free Pokemon booster packs.  Knights of the Inner Circle get an additional stamp each month.  Monthly Joust League winners also get an additional stamp.

  • Everyone who is registered with Pokemon gets 1 Pokemon Play! point per league month

  • Everyone who is registered for our free rewards program gets RTG gold based on where you place, and 100 RTG gold for every $10 spent. Knights of the Inner Circle get 200 RTG gold for every $10 spent.  RTG gold can be used for free drinks/ snacks, product discounts and discounted event entry fees and free Pokemon singles (Knights get double value for card singles).  Last place gets 10 RTG gold and each place above that gets an additional 10.

  • Everyone who is registered  for our free rewards program  earns Nobility leaderboard points.  Your ranking can earn you discounts on Pokemon and Pokemon-related products and discounted event entry fees.  Knights of the Inner Circle get a 10% point bonus.  You get 1 point for playing a match and an additional point for winning.  You get points based on your finishing place (last get s 1, next place gets 2, then 3, etc.  You also get a point for each tournament round you complete.

  • Top finishers may earn additional booster packs as long as we have at least 8 players.  The number of packs and who earns them is based on attendance.

  • Knights of the Inner Circle can make 1 purchase per month at a 25% discount and get a free Garil card (worth 11 free snacks/ drinks


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