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Shatterpoint Standard Joust League

You can play any day you like but Fridays is Star Wars Shatterpoint Joust League Day and you earn extra points when you play on Fridays

League Rules

No proxies allowed

You can play a unique opponent only once per week for league points (specific to this exact league)

Standard League play is a best of 3 struggle using the Shifting Priorities Mission Card

Earning League Points

Play a League game = 1 point

Play on League Day (Friday) = 1 point

Win a League game = 1 point

There will be an addition to your score depending on if the mission went 2-0 or 2-1

Teach someone new to play Shatterpoint = 1 point

Have a completely based and painted Strike force = 1 point (can only be earned once per unique strikeforce per 8 week league)

Knights of the Inner Circle earn 1 league point each 8-week league

Joust League Totals

Team Records

Star Wars Legion Drawing
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