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Come fight in the pits of Warcry!

Play any day against anyone else in the league. Pay $5 per battle fought and fight as much as you like. Every $10 you spend in-store on Warcry pays for 1 battle.  RTG will keep record of your battles and your battle account.  Feel free to use our facebook page, facebook miniatures group, forums and Discord to arrange matches.

You can use any miniatures that are 25-32mm scale as long as they are on compatible base sizes, and can be distinguished, but are required to have a faction pack.

You can also borrow one of our armies for an additional $5 charge per battle

If your army is completely painted you get 1 free re-roll per game.

If your model exactly matches your army card you get to re-roll injury rolls.

What do you get? Get 100 RTG gold each battle you play.

For each campaign you complete you earn 2,500 RTG gold

Come join us for Warcry!

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