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Play two (2) 11/2 hour  multi-player matches.  Casual, fun format. 60 card standard singleton. Pick a Legendary or Planeswalker to lead your troops. Use a brawl deck or make your own.  This is a FUN league, not a competitive one.  Friendly play and camaraderie are at least as important as winning.

League Points


 -5 But we just started: Kill a player before they get to have their 5th Turn

 Bonus Achievements:

 +1 Bounty Each player starts the game with a bounty of 1. For each kill, a player’s bounty increases by 1.  i.e. Player A kills player B for 1 point. Player A is now worth 2 points if player C or D Kill him

 +1 Look at all that SHINE! :Have 10 or more foil permanents in play. (Increases Player bounty by 1)

 +0 Aggressive Mining: Cast Arcane Signet on Turn 2 (Increases your Bounty by 1)

 +1 “Respect My Authoritay: Collect all the bounties at the table

 +1 Someone has to Go First: Be the first player eliminated from the game. 

 +1 Saint: Save an opponent from being eliminated

 +1 Tribal Dance: Control 5 or more Non-Token creatures that share a single creature type.

 +1 Tutor Less... : Finish the game without searching for a card.

 +1 It’s a Massacre: Kill 10 or more creatures with a single spell.

 +1 They Belong in a Museum: Control 5 or more nontoken Artifacts.

 + 1 For the HORDE! Control 10 or more tokens

 +1 X Gonna Give it to you! : Cast an X spell where X > 10

 +1 I’m Next : Have the lowest life total when another player is eliminated. Must have 10 or less life

 +1 Hold Swords Good: Equip 3 or more equipment to a single creature.

 +1 Alley-Oop: Assist a player in killing an opponent.

 +1 Immortal: Reach 75  life during the game without using any infinite combos.

 +1 Relentless Assault: Attack 3 or more different opponents in a single turn.

 +1 Undersold Cemetery: Have Zero cards in your graveyard when you win the game.

 +1 Epic Stack: Be part of a game in which 6 or more spells and/or abilities are on the stack at once.

 +1 GREAT IDEA! : Be the first player to copy a spell and/or Permanent an opponent controls.

 +1 I got 5 on It : Do 5 damage to each opponent simultaneously

 +1 Look Ma’ No Hands: Win the game with Zero cards in your hand.

 +1 Act of Treason: Kill a player with a permanent they own

 +1 Mark of Valor: Create an Emblem using a Planeswalker

 +1 Apex Predator: Kill 2 or more planeswalkers in one game

 +1 I did say please! : Counter a Counterspell

 +1 Loose Pants: Attach 3 or more Aura’s to a single creature.

 +1 Roll Credits: Survive until the end of the game. (Can be earned by multiple players if game ends in draw)

 +2 Like a Roach: Survive 3 or more lethal attacks/spells

 +2 Back to Basics: Control 15 or more Basic Lands

 +2 Gonna Need a Bigger Boat: Control 25 or more Non-Token Permanents

 +2 I’ll Be Back: Cast your General 4 or more times in a single game.

 +2 Benedict Arnold: Kill a player with his or her own General.

 +2 That Was Impressive! : Kill all the other players at the table in a single turn. (Only available if all players that started the game are still alive)

+2 MVP: Be voted MVP by the other players at the table.

+3 Let’s Play... “I win” : Win using an alternate Win-Con on a card. (No killing occurs so no Bounties are Earned)

+3 The Collector: Gain control of each opponents General over the course of one game.

+3 Chromatic Victory: Control a basic land of each type and a permanent of each color.

+3: Hitting the Cycle: Control 1 of each permanent type and have cast a Instant and Sorcery spell this game.

+5 Reincarnation: Cast your General for 20 or more mana.

+6 Mark of the Beast: Control 6 Lands, 6 Non-Land Permanents and have 6 Cards in hand at once.

What does it cost?  $5 per week

What do you get?  Each week  everyone gets one pack, and 1 pack per pod gets added into the end-of-league prize pool.  At the end of the month-long league the top 3 players based on points split the prize pool roughly 50/30/20.  All scores must be verified by players before submission to the desk, scores will not be adjusted retroactively.  Plus get your Adventure Card stamped as you make progress towards Throne of Eldrain Promotional Packs. This event also grants leader board points weighted x1.5

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