We have a league for any game you want to play; board games,  Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon, Warhammer 40K, Star Wars X-Wing, RPG's...you name it!
League membership gets you points for playing games, more for winning them, and even points for painting your models!.

Joust League membership is included in the Knights of the Inner Circle membership.

  • Join us for our small batch gaming events. Free for Joust League members who join at least a day in advance (there is a fee for last-minute cancellation - see page)

  • Gain access to our Realm-Builder Experience where you can earn points and gain benefits in our games.

  • You will earn points for various things

    • Every time you play a game with other Joust League members you earn points, whether at the store, at home, at a friends or even online!

    • For board and card games just fill out the results.  Points for board and card games will be based on the complexity and average length of a game.  The winner gets additional points. Knights of the Inner Circle earn additional points.

    • The top 3 players each month (other than Alex, Candi & Chris) will earn Loyalty points equal to the Nemepoints they earned that month.

    • For RPG's, additionally just make a post on our message boards about your game session (in and/or out of character). The post has to be original content. 

      • You get 5 points if the post is fewer than 1,000 words, and 10 points if it is 1,000 words or more.  You get an extra point if you purchased a relevant rulebook from Round Table Games and an extra point if you are a Knight of the Inner Circle

    • For painting submit a pic of the painted/ based model that you purchased at Round Table Games along with the name you want credited and a link if you like (you can email it to us here, and in so doing give us permission to post on our gallery, giving you credit, of course).

      • Painted models submitted must have been purchased from Round Table Games. You get 10 points for a single character-sized or medium mini, 15 points for a large, and 20 points for a huge or bigger mini. Knights earn an additional 1/2/3 points.

    • RPG post points will be based on length of post.  If you purchased a copy of the physical game or a RPG book from Round Table Games you will get extra points. Knights earn additional points.  This is not restricted to RPG-run games only.

Record and see your game plays below on Nemestats.  You will be required to create a user id but it is free. (points awarded will be trackable in your Loyalty App)

Joust League Games

Joust League Painted Minis

Joust League Points Awarded

Your April 2021 Joust League Members

Alexis Byrnes, KIC

Dan Ganshirt, KIC

Matt Kusza, KIC

Rob Newell

Stephen Penna, KIC

Aileen Russell, KIC

Nick Slowey, KIC

Ryan Wilcox, KIC