We have a league for any game you want to play; board games,  Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon, Warhammer 40K, Star Wars X-Wing, RPG's...you name it!
League membership gets you points for playing games, more for winning them, and even points for painting your models!.

There are lots of ways to join ($10/week or $25/month OR $5/week or $15/month for all Knights OR Knight of the Joust gets free Joust League membership OR a $50 related purchase gets you a free current week OR 1,000 Loyalty points gets you a free week.

  • Gain access to our Realm-Builder Experience where you can earn points and gain benefits in our games.

  • You will earn points for various things

    • Every time you play a game with other Joust League members you earn points, whether you win or lose!

    • For board and card games just fill out the results.  Points for board and card games will be based on the complexity and average length of a game.  The winner gets additional points. Knights of the Inner Circle earn additional points.

    • The top 3 players each month (other than Alex, Candi & Chris) will earn Loyalty points based on their final placement in the league

    • For RPG's, additionally just make a post on our message boards about your game session (in and/or out of character). The post has to be original content. 

      • You get 5 points if the post is fewer than 1,000 words, and 10 points if it is 1,000 words or more.  You get an extra point if you purchased a relevant rulebook from Round Table Games and an extra point if you are a Knight of the Inner Circle

    • For painting submit a pic of the painted/ based model that you purchased at Round Table Games along with the name you want credited and a link if you like (you can email it to us here, and in so doing give us permission to post on our gallery, giving you credit, of course).

      • Painted models submitted must have been purchased from Round Table Games. You get 10 points for a single character-sized or medium mini, 15 points for a large, and 20 points for a huge or bigger mini. Knights earn an additional 1/2/3 points.

    • Forum post points will be based on length of post.  If you purchased a copy of the physical game or a RPG book from Round Table Games you will get extra points. Knights earn additional points.  This is not restricted to RPG-run games only.

Record and see your game plays below on Nemestats.  You will be required to create a user id but it is free. (points awarded will be trackable in your Loyalty App)

Joust League Games

Joust League Painted Minis

Joust League Points Awarded

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