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We have a league for any game you want to play; board games,  Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon, Warhammer 40K, Star Wars X-Wing, RPG' name it!
League membership gets you points for playing games, more for winning them, and even points for painting your models!.


There are lots of ways to join ($5 a day, $10/week or $25/month OR $5/week or $15/month for all Knights OR Knight of the Joust gets free Joust League membership OR a $50 related purchase gets you a free current week OR 1,000 Loyalty points gets you a free week.

  • Members of each League can determine which day is League Day (Games played on League day are weighted 1 level higher than normal)

  • Each Joust League month consists of 4 weeks, 1st - 7th, 8th-14th, 15th-21st, and 22nd - end of month

  • Every time you play a game with other Joust League members you earn points, whether you win or lose!

  • Each day you play in a Joust League game earns you an RTG Reward card stamp..

  • For board and card games just fill out the results.  

  • For each unique opponent you face each day you get a free entry into that month's free drawing.

  • All league players each month (other than Alex, Candi & Chris) will earn Loyalty points based on their final placement in the league.

  • The top 3 players in each league earn store credit, equal to 75% of all league fees paid in (including the $5 each week we add for someone who qualifies for free), and many times additional prizes, as well!

  • Feel free to let us know if your desired league doesn't show up here.  It's probably just waiting for 2 or more players.


Joust League Games

Loyalty Points Awarded

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