Round Table Games' Star Wars X-Wing Joust League









We have designed a program to reward those players who play in our Star Wars X-Wing league.  


It costs $10/ calendar week (starting on the 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd) ($5 week for Knights of the Inner Circle), or FREE if you make at least a $50 purchased of related products, or spend 1,000 Loyalty points; or $25/month to join ( $15/month for Knights of the Inner Circle), or FREE for Knights of the Joust.


Knights also earn Loyalty points just for playing. See here for more details.


Each league will run for one calendar month.


You get at least free hour table space every day to play League games - Please notify us when you expect to be in so we can make sure space is reserved for you.


You can play whenever you like against anyone else in the league.  You can challenge Chris but he has the right to refuse if you are in first place.


Prizes will be awarded by point standing at the end of each month.


The prize pool will consist 75% of the league fees paid in for the month, awarded as store credit. You can play as many games as you like, any time you like (just let us know so we can make sure we have space reserved for you.)


For an additional $5 per day you can access our loaner fleet of miniatures and cards (Knights do not have to pay this) 

If we get enough active players we will also add in tournaments.  The points you earn during league play and tournaments are all tallied to determine who is the X-Wing Duke and who is the X-Wing Count.  See Game Nobility at this page.

What do you get? Fun with friends!  But for those who value glory alongside happiness......

​The top 3 player with the most points at the end of each month gets store credit equal 75% of the total entry fees paid in for the month, divided 50/30/20. Additional prizes may be added depending on publisher support, and the number of participants.

If we have promo items available you may receive one for each week you sign up.

Scoring and Formats

​Different formats have different weights


You and your opponent determine the rules of the match-up (but, you must use X-Wing 2nd edition official ships (extended), templates and card - no proxies or substitutions allowed.  No faction-crossing for league play except for Force Battles..

Play limited format and earn extra points.  

200 point total Extended is worth x1 points. 


Threat level quick builds (not modified from Quick build cards) of at least Threat level 8, Escalation, Epic, Muckle, Droid Match, Man With the Golden Gun, King of the Hill, Mario Kart, Force Battles: Dark-Side vs Light-Side Coalition, and Hyperspace 200 point match-ups are weighted medium


No Glory, Playing Favorites (see app)., Battle of Yavin (see app), Season of Giving, Evacuation of D'qar (see app), Asteroids (my version -see below), Countdown (from Worlds - see below), Unconventional Warfare League, Hunting Season (and perks), Epic Battles Multiplayer Expansion Scenarios, Chris' Legacy League, and Aces High  match-ups are weighted heavy.

Aces High: Choose 1 ship card  from among those provided by Round Table Games.  Alternatively you may use one Power 3 Quick Build (FFG official) ship. You will need to provide the ship, punchboard, dial and token.

  • The provided ship cards are

    • T-65 X-Wing (only available to the lowest ranked player)​

    • Eta-2 Actis

    • RZ-1 A-wing

    • Firespray-class Patrol Craft

    • Xi-class Light Shuttle

    • Fireball

    • TIE/rb Heavy

    • Droid Tri-Fighter

The highest-ranked player should use the Rookie-side of the card.

This is a 60-minute timed event on a 3 x 3 area (90 minute and 3x6 if more than 4 players) with 4 Hyperspace points.

After a ship performs an attack, if the defender was at full health and suffered damage, the attacking player's ship scores 1 point and adds 1 point to its card.

After a ship performs an attack, if the defender was destroyed, the attacking player's ship scores 2 points plus all points that were on the defending player's ship. The attacking player's ship then places 1 point on its card.

If a ship flees it loses all of its points and its player loses 1 point plus any points that were on the fleeing ship.

At the start of each round destroyed ship's players roll an attack die and place their ships on a Hyperspace point matching the symbol rolled.

At the end of time score any points on your ship's card and add them to pints you already scored.  Most points is the winner!

Asteroids: Yup, just like the game.  If you hit an asteroid with a missile, bomb, or at least, 2 normal hits or 1 critical hit with any other weapon, hold up a number of small poker chips (2 for small, 4 for medium, 5 for large) 1 foot above the offending asteroid and drop them.  Then remove the original asteroid.  These function like normal asteroids but if hit again will scatter 1d6" in a random direction (I have a scatter die). 

Countdown: For 9 out of 10 cats.  Each player has a 40-minute chess timer (you will probably need a phone app or stop watch unless you possess an actual chess timer).  If your time runs out all of your ships are destroyed and you lose the game.  Margin of Victory will be calculated based on your opponent's remaining ships. Format is Extended 200 point.

Legacy League: If you lose a named pilot or ship, or upgrade, or anything that is restricted per fleet, you may not use that item the next time you field a fleet of the same faction.  After that next battle and each subsequent battle in which you field that faction, your opponent will roll an attack die for each lost unit.  ON a crit result you may field that unit starting with your next battle.

Build sheets must be submitted so lost items can be tracked.

Unconventional Warfare League (modified from AMG)

Players must choose 1 of 2 Strategic Approach perks for their list, and build their list to that list’s restrictions. 

Each week, players unlock a new perk from Unconventional Warfare’s Perk List. The perk unlocks play as follows:

Week 1: No Perks

Week 2: Perk level 1

Week 3: Perk level 2

Week 4: Perk level 3

Format is Extended, 200 point

List Building Rules: Unconventional Warfare/Wave 9 Restriction


  • Players must build lists that follow the rules of Atomic Mass Games’ Unconventional Warfare format, including at least 1 brand-new pilot or upgrade from Wave 9.

    • Wave 9 includes Phoenix Cell Squadron Pack, Skystrike Academy Pack, and Fugitives and Collaborators Squadron Pack

    • Yes, this does mean that for this tournament, listbuilding is restricted to the following factions: Rebel Alliance, Galactic Empire, Galactic Republic, Scum & Villainy, and First Order. 

      • Galactic Republic can use Tierfon Belly Run on Y-Wings to be eligible

      • First Order can use Protectorate Gleb or Sensitive Controls to be eligible

  • Unconventional Warfare listbuilding rules:

    • Fighter Aces: Each squad must only include small ships that are limited, Each squad must include at least three ships

    • Heavy Hitters: Each squad must include at least two medium ships or one large ship, Each squad may include up to two small ships.

  • Unconventional Warfare Perks:

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