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Magic Guilds of Ranica League

Magic Guilds of Ravnica League


  • Play any day (our table space is free) against anyone else in the league

  • The initial buy-in is $20 (not reduced by standings or Quest cards)

  • You get 3 packs of Guilds of Ravnica

  • Promo Necrotic Wounds is earned as soon as you complete 15 games.

  • You get a Quest card stamp at sign-up

  • Record all the cards you get in your 3 starting packs

  • Make a 30 card minimum deck using only the cards from your pool and any basic land cards you want (we will supply these)

  • The starting recommendation is for about 17 spells and 13 lands.  11 - 15 spells should be creatures.

  • You get 1 friendly mulligan.

  • Play best of 1 match, full 20 life start, no alternate rules allowed

  • The spirit of the League is to play games.  Please do not refuse challenges unless you have a legitimate reason (not enough time to play, in the middle of something else, etc.)  Not wanting to play a particlar person is expressly against the spirit of the game and may result in a disqualification from the league.

  • You must submit a match slip with date and time for each game you play. (1 slip per 2 opponents)

  • You can purchase a pack to add to your pool every Monday after the start and after every 3 losses.  If you miss adding a pack on Monday, you can add that pack at any later point.

  • The league will run for 4 weeks, from 10/8 to 11/4

  • Due to the way we are scoring this one it is never too late to join and try to catch up

  • The player with the highest rating at the end end gets a box of Guilds of Ravnica (36 boosters).

  • 3 distinct random players will win a playset of Nexus of Fate, a Grand Prix Santa Clara playmat, and the paired planeswalkers, Rowan and Will Kenrith

  • Below are the boring details (you don't need this info - it's just there for those who are interested and to show how we are scoring the league) 

  • Every new player starts with a rating that is the current average of all other players in the game.  The starting average on day 1 is 1,000

  • When you play a play a game, the losing player's rating is divided by the winning player's rating and multiplied by 10.  The winning player earns that many points and the losing player loses that many points.  Draws do not count.

  • For each game beyond the first that you play against the same player in a day, the multiplier is reduced by 2.  So game 1 between players A and B on Monday is x10.  game 2 x8, game 3 x 6, etc.  X2 gets reduced to x1 and then goes to -.1 per game after that for that day.

  • If you are in first place, you lose 1 point for each day you do not record a game.

  • If you do not play for an entire week you lose 5 points.

  • All of these rules are to try and create balance and allow for fair gameplay.  

  • If you finished reading all the way through the boring details i offer you this laurel and hearty handshake.


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