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Come play our own uniquely designed UNSanctioned League!


Each league will run for one calendar month.

Participation fee is $5 or 2500 Round Table Gold for any day you want to play. 


You get 100 Round Table Gold, and a promo card each day you play.  In addition you

get a stamp on your adventure card working towards a special promo pack (10

stamps gets a pack - your 4th promo pack is foil!) Max. 1 stamp per calendar week

for this event.


You can play whenever you like against anyone else in the league.


Your play points count toward the monthly nobility leaderboards.  If you are also a member of the current week's Magic Joust League and/or Boardgame League the points count towards these as well.


Prizes will be awarded by point standing at the end of each month.

The prize pool will consist of 1 pack (or equivalent store credit) per player entry(so if 10 players each played 4 weeks that would be 40 packs or $159.60 store credit)


The top 3 finishers will split the prize 50/30/20 and first place gets an additional Adventure Card stamp All players will get RTG gold based on where they finish. 


First place will also get a set of foil UNSanctioned land cards.  Second place will get a non-foil set.


Format:  You play a random pre-constructed deck.  In addition, you have a chance of adding random cards from our silver-bordered collection to your hand.


You only play cards that Round Table Games provides you.  You do not construct your own deck for this league.


Randomly choose one of our 10 pre-built decks.


Randomly choose 1st player.  Play will proceed clockwise (until it doesn't - you'll see!)


There will be a stack of sleeved cards of each color, artifacts, and gold (multi-color cards) in the center of the table.


On your turn, at Sorcery speed, you can roll a d6.  You may spend mana at an increasing increment of 1, to re-roll (1 for first attempt, 2 for second, etc.)

On a 6, roll a d10

Add a card to your hand based on what you roll: 1 = black, 2 = blue, 3 = green, 4 = red, 5 = white, 6 = artifact, 7 = gold, 10 = your choice (8's and 9's get re-rolled)

You may only draw 1 card per turn in this fashion.


On your turn you may either discard a basic land from your hand or sacrifice a basic land in play to take a basic land of any type and put it into play.  If you sacrificed a land, the new land comes in in the same orientation (tapped or untapped) as the land you sacrificed.  This does not count as playing a land for the turn. If you discarded a card for this effect, the land you played to replace it does count as a land played for your turn. 

Games are best of 1.


You get 1 point per game played and 1 point per game won.  In a multiplayer game, you instead get a point based on where you finish. (eg. 1st out in a 3-player game gets 1, next out gets 2, winner gets 3.)


Each game after the first against the same opponent in any given day will be worth increasingly fewer points, reduced by a cumulative 20% (game 1 is worth 100%, game 2 is worth 80%, 3 worth 60%, etc. - to a max of 5 games against the same player in a given day)


Games must be played in store to count toward the league.


Feel free to use our message boards/ Discord/ Facebook to coordinate matches.


Round Table Games’ Magic Page

Round Table Games’ Magic Facebook Group

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Round Table Games’ Magic message board

Round Table Games’ rewards page

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