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Welcome to Round Table Games' Mordheim Page!

Welcome to Mordheim, City of the Damned! Mordheim is a game of combat that takes place during the short but intense period when scores of warbands fought hundreds of bitter skirmishes throughout the city.

In Mordheim, the opposing factions – warbands – are represented by models, assembled and painted by you, each representing a single warrior. Your tabletop becomes part of the City of the Damned: the scene of the action, with ruined buildings, overhangs and walkways where the battles take place. The aim of the game is to outfight your opponent, which requires a mixture of skill and luck. You’ll soon learn how to arm and equip your warband effectively, and how to exploit the ruins and other terrain to your best advantage. You’ll probably want to expand your basic warband as you and they gain experience. As long as your mini is 25-28mm scale and is easily identifiable as the warrior in question, Mordheim is mini's agnostic (no specific mini's required)

We have lots of different ways to join in, and will have multiple leagues going in various areas at some point in the very near future.

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