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Mordheim Joust Leagues Universal Rules

You can play any day you like but Saturdays are Mordheim Joust League Day and you earn extra points when you play on Saturdays

League Fees

There is a $5 table fee/day BUT this is waived if you

a) spend $25 + in the store that day OR

b) have a league play card OR

c) are a Knight of the Joust OR

d) use 5 RTG Reward cards

Match Arrangement

Use our Discord, FB, Message Board or any other means you like to arrange match-ups.

If you want to challenge one of us email us here

Match Reporting

All reports must be submitted to the TO at time of completion in order to be valid.

League Rules

See each League page for League Specific Rules

Earning League Points

See each League page for League Specific Rules

The once per week per unique opponent rule found in each league is specific to each league.  In other words you could face the same opponent during the same week in both x League AND y League play and have both count.


$5 store credit will be added to the prize pool for each unique opponent that plays in a week.

The top 3 players at the end of the 8-week period will divide the prize pool as follows:

First place

  • 50% of prize pool in store credit

  • 3 full RTG Reward cards

Second place

  • 30% of prize pool in store credit

  • 2 full RTG Reward cards

Third place

  • 20% of prize pool in store credit

  • 1 full RTG Reward card

All League Players

All League players will receive an entry in our free monthly drawing every day they play.

All League players get an RTG Reward card stamp for each unique opponent faced in a day.

There may be other League prizes when available

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