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Organized Play


At Round Table Games we want to ensure that everyone always has a place to play. We participate in many organized events for players of all ages. We have events scheduled for every day of the week so you will be sure to find an event that is right for you.

We host tournaments of many formats from Standard and Draft to Commander and Sealed. Two-Headed Giant and many others..




Magic: The Gathering

Learn more about Magic the Gathering, the various play styles and tips and tricks to deck building and play by visiting Wizards of the Coast here.

Our Magic Program

Sunday afternoons at 11 AM we host a Pokemon Trainer League for Pokemasters of all ages. Come in and challenge other trainers to see who is the ultimate Pokemon Master! 

The last Sunday of each month is a Pokemon League Challenge!


Try and catch them all and evolve your favorite Pokemon to their ultimate level.

D&D Fifth Edition

Wednesday night at 6:00 PM. Designed for new and veteran players. Come explore the beautiful and mysterious land of Faerun in these 5th Edition adventures. 


Preregister here

Onsite Registration is possible, but space is limited


Pathfinder Society

Thursday evening at 6 PM we host Pathfinder. An ongoing role-playing game.


Preregister here

Onsite registration is limited.

We have several different programs in place that help you try, play and even win your favorite board games.  More are added regularly so click the graphic to the left.

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