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Pokemon Prerelease Tournaments


Held on varying dates (see our calendar

$30 to participate if you pre-register and pre-pay ($35 otherwise) (possibly modified based on your leaderboard standings)
Get a prerelease pack with a special Official Prerelease promo card
Play best of 1 with 4 prize cards

Your wins and losses and earn double Pokémon Nobility and Knight Level Up leaderboard points (see our Pokemon page ). 

Every player gets at least 2  Pokémon booster packs, with additional packs awarded based on attendance.
You earn 100 RTG gold (200 if you are a Knight of the Inner Circle) for every $10 spent (see here)
You earn RTG gold based on where you place (last place gets 10, second-to-last gets 20, next up gets 30, etc.)


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