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Library of Nintendo, Sony, X-box


$5 per hour, paid in advance; $2.50 for each additional player during any part of the hour. Please, see the counter for controllers and games.


In order to save your progress in games you will need your own memory card.  We do not have any available currently.


Video Game Library may not be available during events

Microsoft X-Box & X-Box 360

X-Box & X-Box 360 - 4 Controllers available


Backwards compatibility may apply for orginal X-Box games.


X-Box 360 Multitap available.


Nintendo Gamecube & Wii

GameCube - 3 Controllers available

Wii - 4 Controllers & Nunchucks available, 1 Classic Controller available


Backwards compatibility for Gamecube games has been confirmed.

Sony Playstation 1 & 2 & 3

Playstation & Playstation 2 - 2 Controllers available


Backwards compatibility for PS1 games has been confirmed.


PS1 Multitap Available

We have one station for all the systems. So only one set can be used at any given time. 


We cannot allow access to the video games during major events due to table space.

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