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Joust League

We have designed a program to reward those players who play in our Star Wars Destiny league.  

Each league will run for 3 calendar months.

Participation fee is $5 or 2500 Round Table Gold for any week you want to play. Weeks are based on 7 day periods starting the 1st of each month) (if you purchase certain products League entry for that week is free - ask at the desk- these entries do not add a pack into the pool until you play at least 1 game))

You get 100 Round Table Gold and a promo card (too many to list - you get to choose one) each week you sign up.

You get promo cards just for playing!

June: get an Umbaran Hover Tank after your 1st and 4th games and a Beguile after your 7th and 10th games

July: get a Mandalorian Vambraces after your 1st and 4th games and a Probe after your 7th and 10th games

August: get a Streetwise after your 1st and 4th games and a Targeting Astromech after your 7th and 10th games

The top 2 players each month will win a Destiny deckbox or acrylic damage tokens

The winner at the end of the third month will get a 2-player Destiny playmat!  Second place will get a Destiny dice/card binder.

You can play whenever you like against anyone else in the league.

Prizes will be awarded by point standing at the end of each month.

The prize pool will consist of $3.99 (store credit) per player per week (so if 10 players each played 4 weeks that would be $159.60 store credit)

The top 3 finishers will split the prize 50/30/20 

Points count towards Nobility leader board

Format:  any format both players agree on


Each game after the first against the same opponent in any given day will be worth increasingly fewer points, reduced by a cumulative 20% (game 1 is worth 100%, game 2 is worth 80%, 3 worth 60%, etc. - to a max of 5 games against the same player in a given day)

Games must be played in store to count toward the league.

Feel free to use our message boards/ Discord/ Facebook to coordinate matches.


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