How our Leader Boards work:

Each game has its own leaderboard, but there are also overall category leaderboards.

These are the general guidelines but each category and/or game may have additional leader board rules.

For each individual game if there are at least 8 active players:

The top ranked player is deemed the Duke or Duchess and is granted two privileges; $5 off an event if at least 8 non-staff players play and 10% off all related products for that specific game

The 2nd ranked player is deemed the Count or Countess and is granted 8% off all related products

The 3rd and 4th ranked players are deemed the Viscount or Viscountess and are 6% off all related products

The remaining top 25% of the total players are deemed the Barons or Baronesses and are granted 4% off all related products

(discounts apply only to product not already discounted)


For tournaments you earn 1 point for every match you play, 1 point for every game you win (sometimes modified by other factors depending on the game), and 1 point for each round in which you participate.  Byes are considered matches you won.  The winner of a tournament also receives points equal to the total number of rounds played.

MVP winners for RPG's get bonus points equal to the number of hours the session lasted.

Draft ccg games are weighted at 1.25

Sealed games are x2

For multi-player games, you are awarded 1 point for a loss and 1 additional point for each higher place you have reached at a game's end (for example in a 3 person game the points would be 1, 2 and 3 for third, second, and first place, respectively.  Cooperative game points are shared among the winners, as are points when the game wins.

Weights for some events may be counted as heavier than others.

The boards will re-set each month (this may vary depending on activity), but historical data will be retained for special events

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