Round Table Games is a hobby game store in Carver, Mass that opened its doors in September of 2015. We stock a wide variety of board, card, role-playing, and miniatures games designed for people to sit down and enjoy together. In addition, we provide in-store play space to enjoy those games and organized events in which to participate.
You don't have to know how to play. You only have to want to play! 
Round Table Games will help with the rest.
Round Table Games Specializes in:
Board Games, Card Games, Miniatures, Role-playing Games, and More.
  • Join us for a full schedule of tournaments, leagues, and events for everyone

  • Come learn to play at one of our Beginner Teaching Days

  • In-Store Game Library with more than 150 games to choose from.

  • An Extensive Customer Reward Program

  • Community Building

  • Live Streaming of major game events

  • Fun

  • And yes, we have round tables!

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Hours of Business

Monday 11am - 9pm

Tuesday 11am - 9pm

Wednesday 11am - 9pm

Thursday 11am - 9pm

Friday 11am - 9pm

Saturday 11am - 6pm

Sunday 11am - 3pm

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Gift Certificates!


We have gift certificates available at the counter. Any amount you need, we can make one for you. 

Just ask! 

You may go mask-free at Round Table Games with proof of vaccination.  All staff have been vaccinated and have had booster shots.

Table space for all games is available now (see this page).

If you are using table space other than for an event, you must sign up for one of our Leagues.

Round Table Games is a safe space. 

We do not tolerate racism, sexism, fascism, hate speech, entitlement, discrimination, prejudice, cheating, poor sportsmanship, or bullying of any kind. 

We encourage you, as members of our realm, to be guardians with us against these acts of repression.

Games are meant to be fun and while healthy competition is fine, fair play and mentorship is paramount.

To us, the Round Table is more than just part of our name, it is part of our philosophy.  Here we are all equal.

May it be true everywhere.

In addition, please remember we are here to play games. Even in the heat of competition we require that you play fairly, honorably, and be nice.

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Ongoing Events



Play at any time, earn points, promos and packs (or store credit)

AD&D 1st edition

AD&D 1st edition

Learn to play the same game they play in Stranger Things, every Tuesday at 6pm

Magic Commander League

Magic Commander League

Magic Commander League

Pathfinder 2

Pathfinder 2

Our weekly Pathfinder 2 game

FNM standard

FNM standard

FNM standard

fnm draft

fnm draft

FNM Draft



Digimon Tournament

Pokémon tournament

Pokémon tournament

Pokémon tournament

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Round Table Games 

128 Main Street

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Tel: 1(508)465-1671