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D&D 5E Tournament.png


4 - 6 players per session

Call 508-465-1671 or email to reserve a seat

No +1 chips or re-rolls allowed

Pre-gen characters will be provided.  They cannot be altered except during play.

If you play more than once, you may only offer guidance for the first game in which you play.  Subsequent days will see you helping but "along for the ride."  Use of knowledge gained from previous plays will cause bad things to happen inot limited to

  • indigestion

  • alternate reality extcintion level events

  • souring of local milk

  • derision

  • .awkward silences

  • character death and/ or debilitation

The adventure concludes once that time has elapsed or whenever any of the following conditions have been met:

Teams will be scored

Highest scoriung teams will receive a reward (TBD)

  • Every character in the party is dead or otherwise out of commission.

  • The characters explore every area of the lesser caverns (presented later in this adventure).

  • The characters descend to the greater caverns or leave the Lost Caverns altogether. You will be warned that these actions will end the adventure (and thus your opportunity to score more points).


To keep the dungeon challenging, the characters can take only one short rest during the session. Long rests are prohibited for tournament play of this adventure.

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